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We who are in the dental profession here in Marion strive to the best of our ability to make your visit as comfortable and easy as can be. Modern dentistry is not at all like some of the stereotypes that you may have encountered in the past.

Gone are the days of intense pain and discomfort, and happily they have been replaced with modern techniques that will make your visit very pleasant and productive.

We love to educate people about how keeping good maintenance habit in regard to their tooth and gum health is so important to their overall health.

Each year countless numbers of individuals discover that they have heart issues or other issues that have stemmed largely from inflammation that originated from dental areas that could have been prevented. Recent studies have shown that when people get gum disease, the infection and inflammation spreads in the bloodstream to other parts of the body, and over time can result in serious systemic health issues.

We pride ourselves of being able to furnish good oral health maintenance procedures to all ages from the children all the way through to older adults. The habit of brushing our teeth after every meal and then flossing, prevents about 95 per cent of all dental problems. This will help to prevent plaque from forming on the surface of the teeth, which begins the process of decay and more serious gum disease later on.

We have an entire program for children that is fun and that they are happy to participate in, which gives them a great head start in the lifelong journey of tooth and gum maintenance. When children learn to take care of their baby teeth, they learn habits that will last them all of their lives.

Children love to accomplish things with the approval of parents and key authority figures. As dental practitioners, we feel that it is very important to instill good habits in children and with the blessings of parents in this category, we have been able to do that.

We offer small prizes of books, pins and small toys for consecutive times that they learn to brush, floss and be aware of healthy dental habits. We are at war with sugar, as good as those cookies are, they really play havoc with children’s teeth. And so do 90 percent of the fruit drinks and such that are marketed so well to the children.

Of course we handle all emergencies, broken teeth, teeth that have not been cared for in years, routine dental work, crowns, bridges, root canals, veneers, and all of the other things that we dentists do to care for and restore teeth.

We get many emergency calls throughout the year from people who are in great pain, have diseased gums and who are experiencing difficulty. It is a normal reaction to attempt to avoid coming to see the dentist, especially when something bad is going on.

We do understand, but when you arrive at our office we use very modern techniques to assist the patients to reach a point where there will be absolutely no pain or discomfort whatever. So when you have that emergency, or you just need a cleaning or a filling, you will be able to so with no pain.

A healthy mouth is a precursor to overall good health. Modern dentistry has come a long way, and has been shown in study after study that the correlation between good dental health and excellent overall health is real. By keeping good habits like brushing and flossing on a regular basis, people have a great chance of never having to worry about their dental situation ever carrying over to more serious general diseases.

If people do get into a situation where they have to have teeth removed, one of the best options in that case can be dental implants. This procedure is accomplished by the implantation of a post into the bone of the jaw in a surgical procedure, and then attaching a an implant crown to the post after the area is healed. The procedure is usually done under local anesthesia, and only a minor vibration is felt by the patient. Once the crown is attached, it will look just like a normal tooth and it will last for a very long time.

Another procedure called bonding, is one of the easiest and least expensive procedures for cosmetic repair. A composite resin is used for the procedure and can be shaped and polished to be a match for the teeth that surround the area. This is a great procedure for discolored and chipped teeth.

Veneers are layers of material that are placed over a tooth to protect it and improve the appearance and can be used with bonding.

We recommend that patients come and see us at least twice a year for a checkup and a cleaning to get the most difficult plaque off of the teeth. We look forward to seeing you her in Marion, Ohio and to serve you and your family for their ongoing dental care.

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