Dental Implants in Cincinnati

Choosing a dental implant specialist in Cincinnati.
There are plenty of dental implant specialists in Cincinnati who insert posts into the jawbone to take the place of the tooth root. They do this because loss of the tooth roots leads to the deterioration of the jaw bone.

The jaw bone is important since it supports some of the features of the face and its loss can significantly lead to changes in the facial appearance. However, if you allow specialists to replace them with dental implants, it will prevent bone loss, increase your facial appearance and enhance your chewing efficiency.


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If you have a patient who lost his/her teeth, and who have been wearing dentures for a long period of time, they need to get them removed because they are uncomfortable, especially for dentures that keep on slipping. The dentures can make it difficult for them to eat healthy diets including fruits and vegetables.
Implants improve the comfort, enhances eating ability, and more functional with a better appearance.

Note that gum disease or advanced periodontal disease is the number one cause of tooth loss. Retaining teeth infested with advanced periodontal disease can be detrimental to your health, so for this reason, it is necessary to have the teeth removed. Also, gum disease contributes greatly to heart disease, dementia as well as diabetes.
Cincinnati dental specialists can establish if you are suffering from advanced gum disease and take the necessary measure of removing the problem tooth and insert an implant as a replacement.

Choosing The Right Implant Specialist In Cincinnati

Finding a competent doctor who can perform the implant may be challenging. However if you live in Cincinnati, there are plenty of specialists in the area who carry out implants. Searching for one with great skills and experience is a must.

The Time Frame for Dental Implant Treatments
To be successful, you must start the process by carrying out an evaluation to ensure that you select the right specialist. Remember, there are many specialists who perform the surgery but you need one who you'll feel most comfortable with.

A single implant should not take more than an hour while multiple implants may take several hours.
After recovering from the initial treatment, you need to visit your Cincinnati implant specialist again in order to carry out restorative dentistry so that he can create a pair of prosthetic teeth for you. The process will take a while but it is important to pursue the course of treatment until complete if you want to have a beautiful smile and lead a healthy life.

Many Cincinnati dental clinics offer implant treatment but not all of them will offer the services in one place. Because of this, it is necessary that you consider finding a clinic that can provide all the treatments you require under one roof.

Do Dental Implant Treatments in Cincinnati Cause Pain?

The pain and the discomfort you will feel during treatment depends on the individuals’ pain threshold.
If you are very sensitive, you must speak to the specialist so that he can decide on the kind of anaesthesia to recommend for your treatment. It is also possible to receive a prescription that relieves pain and it's also advisable to eat softer foods so that you can recover faster.

The Dental Implant Procedure

Most dental implant procedures may be performed in the dentist’s office. Local anaesthesia may be adequate for some cases although various forms of sedation may be applied depending on how the patient is responding. Different types of surgical procedures may be followed depending on the clinical situations and the preferences of the surgeon and the patient. The surgical procedure may consist of three stages:

  1. Burying the implant to replace the tooth root and to protect the underneath gum. It protects the implant from force when healing.
  2. The second stage is where the surgeon checks the implant to ensure that it has successful been integrated into the gum. The gum is then allowed to heal around the abutment and form a cuff or through which the dentist can access the implant as he prepares to place the prosthetic teeth.
  3. The final stage involves placing the prosthetic teeth.*Note that it is possible to place a suitable abutment at the time of placing the new implant. This eliminates the need to perform a second surgery.

Most implants are relatively straightforward and once you'll always be in qualified hands when being treated by a Cincinnati dental implant specialist. 

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